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        KATRINA KELLY        

                                  G O L F   I N S T R U C T O R


Golf Teaching Professional and Coach, Katrina Kelly, has been playing competitive golf her entire life. 

She grew up playing golf in Kentucky and Illinois, and was a member of her high school golf team, and a member of the Division 1 Western Kentucky University Lady 'Toppers golf team, where several famous PGA and LPGA Tour players played.

After college, she spent three years competing professionally throughout Hawaii, while working at both Ko'olau Golf Club and Oahu Country Club.

Katrina has competed in hundreds of golf tournaments throughout her career.  She continues playing in  local and national events.

Katrina began her teaching career at Cantigny Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois, where she worked at the Cantigny Youth Links, focusing on youth instruction.

She passed her PGA Players Ability Test in 2010 shooting back to back rounds of 76.  She then enrolled in the PGA of America program.

She has taught along side two Top 50 Golf Instructors in the world a rated by Golf Digest.

She moved  to Edmonton, Alberta, from Orlando, Florida, in 2011  where she has a large following of students from beginner to professional players

Katrina is passionate about teaching.   Her instructional methods are based on science and kinesiology in the golf swing.  She prides herself on teaching students how to play golf to their best abilities, without injury.

Her experience playing competitive golf, learning from Top 50  instructors, and understanding the important role of biomechanics in the game,  has helped her to refine golf instruction to be effective and also accessible for any player.

                   "My teaching philosophy is to keep instruction simple and focus on the key essentials of golf.   Most

                   importantly, a swing built on sound fundamentals (grip, posture, alignment, ball position, pivot action) 

                   is  a  swing that will consistently perform for a lifetime." 


Katrina Kelly golf is very happy to have the use of these amazing facilities that provide an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere. Katrina Kelly Golf is available for instruction all-year-round. We are fortunate that we have the opportunity to teach outdoors, as well as indoors; a must in this climate!

Seba Beach: Pineridge Golf Resort

Scenic resort course, situated in the heart of Seba Beach.

Spruce Grove: South Century

Peaceful and quaint outdoor golf facility located just off highway 16A, in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

St. Albert: Lone Spruce 

Wonderful and spacious outdoor golf facility located on the western edge of St. Albert

Spruce Grove: On Par Golf

Gorgeous and unique indoor golf facility and lounge with state-of-the-art video technology, located in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Edmonton: 1 Putt Virtual Golf

High-end indoor golf facility. Outfitted with six semi-private bays powered by TrackMan 4 simulators.

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